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On Bad Writing Advice (Even From Famous Authors)

I’ve been writing nearly every day since I was ten. I’ve heard all kinds of crazy advice on writing, from an assortment of fairly unimpressive to very authoritative sources. If you’ve gone to school, write as a hobby, or work

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Top 10 Reasons Why Numbered Lists Are Terrible

While top 10 lists went out of style on YouTube and other sites ages ago, the cultural staple of the numbered list in general doesn’t seem to have gone away. While some have bemoaned the situation, it also seems to

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Your Grammar “Needs Fixed”: Dialect Creep

One of the great things about the Internet is that it can spread information far and wide. But one of the problems is that it can also spread things like misinformation, ungrammatical regionalisms, and hideous made-up slang words (I’m looking

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What Is Purple Prose, and When Is it Appropriate?

If you want to make a writing instructor’s face purple, mention purple prose, the object of loathing for many professional writers, writing teachers, and readers. Purple is a lovely color, and yet it’s associated with a horrible writing sin. Why?

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14 Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

It’s bad enough when you go back over a piece of writing and cringe at an awful mistake you’ve found. But it’s much worse when you go on making the same grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and don’t even know

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