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Stephanie Nolan, an editor for Online Writing Jobs, is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Since college, she's both edited and written film scripts, press releases, fictional stories, and articles. After gaining professional experience with Public Relations, Human Resources, and Recruitment, she discovered OWJ. With her strong marketing background and love of the written word, she now found a great balance while working with online content.

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On Bad Writing Advice (Even From Famous Authors)

I’ve been writing nearly every day since I was ten. I’ve heard all kinds of crazy advice on writing, from an assortment of fairly unimpressive to very authoritative sources. If you’ve gone to school, write as a hobby, or work in the field now, you probably have a similar story. You’ve possibly already experienced some really bad writing advice and maybe even taken it to heart. There are some truly horrendous “rules of thumb” out there that I’ve heard over the years in reference to Read more [...]
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Top 10 Reasons Why Numbered Lists Are Terrible

While top 10 lists went out of style on YouTube and other sites ages ago, the cultural staple of the numbered list in general doesn’t seem to have gone away. While some have bemoaned the situation, it also seems to be becoming the most popular means of blogging! Here’s why numbered lists are awful on so many levels. 1. They’re shameless, shameless clickbait. Is there something inherently wrong with numbered lists? No. Are they used almost exclusively to get more clicks because writers, Read more [...]
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What Is Purple Prose, and When Is it Appropriate?

If you want to make a writing instructor’s face purple, mention purple prose, the object of loathing for many professional writers, writing teachers, and readers. Purple is a lovely color, and yet it’s associated with a horrible writing sin. Why? What Is Purple Prose? The term goes way back, originally being coined by the poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus (a.k.a. Horace) in Ars Poetica: “Weighty openings and grand declarations often Have one or two purple patches tacked on, that gleam Far Read more [...]
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The Secret of Crafting Killer Opening Sentences

I can usually tell by reading the first paragraph of a book whether or not I’m going to finish it. I call it my “test.” It gives me a good idea of whether or not I should buy something at the bookstore or borrow it from the library. My attitude is something like, “If you can’t hook me in with 50 words, how are you going to hook me in with 50,000?” So if it doesn’t “have me” (whatever that means) within the first page, it’s time to not buy it, put it back on the shelf, push Read more [...]
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Writing Prompts to Chisel at Your Writer’s Block

If you don’t use it, you lose it: That’s the case with your muscles, and it’s also the case with your creativity. The brain is like a muscle that should be stretched and exercised every once in a while. If you’re stuck in a rut while working on your next piece of fiction, try some of these methods to flex your creativity, stretch your mind, and come up with something fun and exciting to write. Write myths to explain common things. Amanda Patterson came up with this one, and we love Read more [...]
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