Writer Testimonials

OWJ Writer Testimonials

Online Writing Jobs is committed to fostering a community of freelance writers united by a common goal: to create great content for great brands. See what some of our writers are saying about their experiences:

“Working with OWJ is a pleasure. Not only is the support staff ready and willing to help at any time, their professionalism shines through which is one of the most important criteria necessary when working with freelance writers. The level of writing expected always pushes me to create creative and informative professional-level content. From the support staff to the editors, OWJ stands out among its competitors.”

— Vickie F.

“I value my position with OWJ because of the honesty I get from the staff and the respect they show writers. I always know where I stand with OWJ, which is something I cannot say about the majority of writing websites I have experienced.”

— Anonymous

“I absolutely love working for Online Writing Jobs. It’s so easy to find writing work whenever you want it – the job pool is always filling up with new and interesting writing opportunities. I work full-time, but still love finding time after work to pick up new articles to write. Writing to Online Writing Jobs has been a fun and exciting learning experience that pays me to do something I love!”

— Lauren R.

“I’ve been writing for Online Writing Jobs for years. The staff is always courteous and available to answer any questions I have had about the assignments. The editing process is the best of any online writing sites I have worked for in the past. Additionally, they pay on time every week, which is great when you are managing several clients. I have been happy writing for Online Writing Jobs.”

— Miriam C.

“I’m a stay-at-home mom and this is my seventh year working with Online Writing Jobs. Writing articles for OWJ gives me the opportunity to earn some extra money while learning about a variety of topics.”

— Elizabeth H.

“I’ve been a writer with OWJ for the past five years and I can honestly say that I have been extremely pleased with my experience. There is always plenty of work and the staff is always available and willing to answer any questions that I might have. Unlike other writing sites, OWJ has never given me reason to question their honesty or business practices, and I have never had reason to worry about pay. When compared to other online writing sites, OWJ is #1.”

— Anonymous

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