Deciphering the Lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne”

Photo by in pastel (Flickr)

Photo by in pastel (Flickr)

Should old acquaintance be forgot” … something, something, mine? It’s easy enough to mumble your way through this traditional New Year’s song, especially considering that you might’ve had a bit too much champagne by that point anyway. But learning a little about the song that’s been referred to as “old lang syne,” “old anzine,” or “the old lang song” can help you gain a new appreciation for why “Auld Lang Syne” is such an appropriate tune to usher in a new year. (And if you’re at all Scottish, you might gain a little extra pride in your heritage, too.) Read more ›

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Fa-La-La-La-Huh? Confusing Christmas Carols

Christmas musicHere’s hoping that you like Christmas carols, ’cause at this time of year, you can’t escape them. Whether you’re driving to work, doing a bit of shopping, or just sitting in a waiting room somewhere, chances are good that you’ll hear those same old chestnuts, sometimes comforting in their familiarity, sometimes downright annoying (yes, little Michael Jackson, we believe that you saw Mommy kissing Santa, we do, so shut up already!). But if you actually listen to this seasonal soundtrack, you might start to wonder, “Just what is a spinet, anyway? What is wassail? And why does this song call the Virgin Mary fat?” The confusion tends to be caused by one of two things: pausing in the wrong places or archaic Christmas carol lyrics. Read more ›

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Gift Ideas for Writers, Vol. 2: OWJ Holiday Gift Guide

Festive pile of books

Photo by Bibliotheek Kortrijk (Flickr)

It’s the time of year when everyone’s working hard on their holiday wish list, including us here at OWJ. A while back, we compiled a great list of gift ideas for writers, word nerds, and other bookish types. But there are so many more great products out there for bibliophiles now that we thought we’d put together another list of gift ideas for book-lovers and writers. If someone you love is a fan of the printed page, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Read more ›

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Time to Give Thanks

Carving the turkey

Photo by jennie-o (Flickr)

The Online Writing Jobs office will be closed Thursday and Friday, Nov. 24 and 25, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Please submit all invoices for the week by 3 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, and they’ll be paid out on Wednesday. Thanks to all of our writers for your cooperation and for your hard work over the past year.

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Swearing Off of the Expletive Construction

No-swearing sign

Photo by Ben Schumin (Wikimedia Commons)

Good writing follows two major rules:

  1. Use proper spelling and grammar so your work is comprehensible.
  2. Don’t bore the reader.

Most decent writers can follow the first rule almost intuitively. But oddly enough, the second rule seems to not even be on the radar for many people, and it’s critically important if you want to get your message across. Nobody wants to read fluffy, flabby writing: It obscures the point, drowning your message in worthless prattle. And one frequently used bit of grammatical fluffery, which shows up all too often in people’s writing, is known as the expletive construction. Read more ›

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