How Writers Can Ethically Use AI

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Recently, some freelance writers online have turned to tools like ChatGPT to create their content. While using artificial intelligence to write content might seem like a huge time-saver (a click of a button and your work is done!), there are a lot of reasons why using AI in this way is a bad idea for you and unethical as a work practice. But although Online Writing Jobs won’t accept content written by AI tools, there are some ways you can use AI to improve your writing that we approve of. Read more ›

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It’s Been a While …

As anyone who checks this space regularly must surely have gathered by now, our blog’s on a bit of a hiatus. We’ve just been too busy creating great content for our clients to write blog posts (what’s that saying about the cobbler’s children again?).

The “bad” news is that that doesn’t look likely to change for a while, but the good news is that we have plenty of work to do, both for us and for you. We’re always looking for new writers to add to our team, so if you’ve ever been interested in making some money as a freelance writer, now’s a great time to apply! Our writers always get to choose which projects they work on, so you’ll never be assigned something you’re not comfortable writing. And since our online writing jobs are, well, online, you can work for us from anywhere.

Interested in joining our writing team? Apply today!

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How to Format Content for Busy Readers

Busy man skimming a book for informationWhen you’re writing for the Internet, one of the most important things to remember is that readers don’t have time to waste poring over your content, reading paragraph after paragraph to see if you’re going to give them the information they need. You’ve only got a few seconds to convince them that what they want is here, or they’ll go find it somewhere else.

So how do you keep the reader’s attention? The answer is scannable content.
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SEO Content Writing 101: How to Create SEO Articles

Woman typing an SEO article on a computer

An SEO content writer works on an article on her computer.

We’ve given people plenty of guidance about writing over the years, from how to use a semicolon to how to avoid common typos to how to write title tags and meta descriptions. But we’ve never addressed the entire process of SEO content writing from start to finish, adding up all of the factors that make for high-quality content. So if you’ve ever wondered how to write online content that grabs readers’ attention and makes clients happy, grab a pad and pencil: Let’s go back to basics with a step-by-step approach to how to write SEO content for a website. Read more ›

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Know Your Portmanteaus and How to Use Them


Not this kind of portmanteau …

Once you begin thinking about portmanteaus and learn to identify them, you may start to feel a bit cursed. Why? Because you’ll soon discover that portmanteaus are everywhere these days. So unless you love being fixated on a single subject that will become your next pet peeve or latest hyper-interest, proceed with caution.

... This kind of portmanteau

… This kind of portmanteau

Love them or hate them, portmanteaus have been around for quite some time, and they’re probably here to stay. What are they exactly? Sometimes, they’re a large leather suitcase, but from a grammar perspective, we’re talking about a blending of words and sounds to form one single word with a combined meaning. Read more ›

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