Where to Find Free Photos for Commercial Use

Copyright is no joke

Photo by geralt (Pixabay)

Online article-writing and blogging tends to become more and more a visual medium with each passing day. Very few people actually read your blog posts. Most just skim (some of you might have started to skim by now)! So because so many bloggers use or need quality photos, we’ve updated our old instructions to include the most current information on finding free photos you can use with your articles or blog posts.

This is the Internet, so I can use whatever photo I want, right?

Well, no. Read more ›

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What’s That Symbol For? Uncommon Punctuation


What are those weird little marks next to the footnotes? Find out below.
Photo by Early Novels Database (Flickr)

Have you ever found yourself looking at a symbol in a book, perhaps down in the footnotes, or examining a character on your computer keyboard and wondering, “What the heck is that thing, anyway?” If so, you’re not alone. At the intersection of archaic typography and modern computer programming is a jumble of uncommon punctuation. Here’s a look at some punctuation marks that might leave you scratching your head from time to time, plus one that isn’t used much but perhaps should be. Read more ›

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Flabby Phrases That Fluff Up Your Word Count

Superfluous words

What are you trying to say? If you use these bad phrases in your writing, this is what your article will look like in your readers’ minds.
Photo by Holly Kuchera (Flickr)

If you’re trying to bulk up the word count of a piece, it’s pretty obvious. It slows down the pace and makes a normally acceptable article suddenly TL;DR. The best articles tend to be concise. Eliminate these nonsense, redundant, and useless phrases in your writing to make it clearer and stronger. Read more ›

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How to Anger a Nerd: Controversial Grammar Rules

Fighting hippos

Subjects like the Oxford comma and split infinitives have been at the heart of many arguments.
Photo by Nils Rinaldi (Flickr)

Want to start an argument fast in a room full of writers and editors? Come down decisively on one side or the other of these seven contentious grammar issues. While most grammatical conventions are settled and agreed upon, these rules have been making people dig in their heels for generations. Read more ›

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Do Rhetorical Questions Add Value to Your Content?

Question mark

Are you entirely sure you want to use that rhetorical question?
Photo by Ethan Lofton (Flickr)

Do rhetorical questions add value to your content? Or are you doubting yourself about them? Do you not feel like the question belongs? Are you writing a piece where the rhetorical question would sound really odd? Are you being repetitious with them to pad out the word count rather than adding information to your piece? Are you coming off as degrading or terse, repeating the same information or obvious information in a new way to make it sound like you’re saying something entirely new?

Or rather, are you trying to be overly conversational in a way that actually is off-putting to a reader? Do you feel like you’re pestering your reader with questions like an interviewer or a car salesman who assumes they know their audience intimately, when they really don’t? Are you trying to be cute and colloquial — and failing? Read more ›

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