On Bad Writing Advice (Even From Famous Authors)

Beware of advice — even this.I’ve been writing nearly every day since I was ten. I’ve heard all kinds of crazy advice on writing, from an assortment of fairly unimpressive to very authoritative sources. If you’ve gone to school, write as a hobby, or work in the field now, you probably have a similar story. You’ve possibly already experienced some really bad writing advice and maybe even taken it to heart.

There are some truly horrendous “rules of thumb” out there that I’ve heard over the years in reference to screenwriting, article-writing, or even poetry that range from originally good advice applied too liberally to flat-out lies that began with one reputable person’s odd prejudices. Here’s just a sampling of some of the worst. Read more ›

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We’re Taking a Few Days Off …

Trust fall

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The Online Writing Jobs office will be closed Monday, Sept. 12, through Wednesday, Sept. 14, for a company training exercise. We’ll do our best to make sure that no articles are scheduled to be due during this time, and we’ll answer writer emails when we return on Thursday, Sept. 15. Thanks for your patience.

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14 Classic Novels in 140 Characters or Fewer

If you’re a student heading back to school, you have a lot of learning ahead of you, and part of the curriculum is bound to be reading some of the classics of English literature. But in today’s fast-paced, texting-obsessed, “tl;dr” society, it can be hard to find the time to read a whole book, let alone a bunch of them. For those who are pressed for time or just have short attention spans, we present 14 famous novels, each condensed into the length of a tweet. Perhaps these will pique your interest enough to make you want to take the time to read the books (which you should; they’re classics for a reason). Enjoy, and be warned: Spoilers abound!

Disclaimer: Reading this list will not be enough to help you pass English class. Read more ›

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Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labor

Lounging in the poolThe Online Writing Jobs office will be closed on Monday, Sept. 5, in observance of Labor Day. We’ll be back at work on Tuesday and will answer any emails received from writers then. Have a great long weekend, everyone!



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Oh, Say, Can You See … ?

Fourth of JulyThe Online Writing Jobs office will be closed on Monday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day. Emails will be answered as soon as possible once we return on Tuesday. Have a happy Fourth!





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