Office Closed Friday

Photo by Ken Hawkins (Flickr)

Photo by Ken Hawkins (Flickr)

The OWJ offices will be closed Friday, Sept. 18. If you submit questions or projects during this time, responses will be delayed. Project deadlines have been adjusted accordingly. Regular operations will resume on Monday. We apologize for any inconvenience.




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Have a Happy Labor Day!

The Online Writing Jobs office will be closed Monday, Sept. 7, in observance of Labor Day. Responses to emails will be delayed, and operations will resume as normal on Tuesday. Hope you enjoy the long weekend!






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Memorial Day and Important Site Updates

american flag

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We’d like to give our reliable writers an important heads up about what’s happening next week:

  • The OWJ staff is going to be out of the office on Monday, May 25 in observance of Memorial Day. If you submit questions during this time, there may be a delay in response time. Communication will resume as normal on Tuesday, May 26.
  • We will be conducting site updates for a few hours on Wednesday, May 27. The site will be down during that time. This is a rare occurrence for us. However, we’ll need to shut down the site to make these necessary changes.
  • Because of these delays, please note that you may see a delay in editing time beyond the normal turnaround time. Please plan accordingly, and communicate with us early if you have any issues/concerns.

As always, we appreciate the work you do with us on OWJ. Let’s continue to produce great work!


Your In-House Editing Team

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7 Things Authors Can Teach Bloggers


Just because some authors wrote on one of these instead of a computer doesn’t mean that their advice isn’t useful for modern writers.
Photo by alexkerhead (Flickr)

In the past 20 or so years, blogging has separated itself out as an art form. Uniquely separate from the newspaper articles that they once imitated, blog posts continue to evolve as sites become more interactive and mobile. Attention-grabbing headings, rhetoric, data, social sharing, and media are all essential parts of any popular blog. However, as freelance writers, we should not leave thousands of years of written tradition in the dust. To understand the present, we must understand the past, which is why any writer should study what literature has to offer. Read more ›

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Typographical Trivia to Increase Your Nerd Cred

Type blocks

Impress your nerdiest friends by learning some fun words about typography!
Photo by Will Keightley (Flickr)

If you’re the type of person who frequents freelance writing sites, you’re probably also a logophile, someone who loves words — a word nerd, if you will. But while some people geek out about words, others find themselves fascinated by parts of words, about the individual characters and parts of characters that make up what we write. Many interesting terms exist to describe what we see on a page of text, from parts of individual letters to the spacing between them. Here, then, is a list of typographical terms that word-lovers are sure to devour. (If nothing else, learning these words might help you win at Scrabble.) Read more ›

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