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Why Links to Homepages Should Not Be Included as Resources in Articles

Hey QG Writers, I hope everyone is doing well. Today I am going to talk a little bit about why links to homepages in articles should, for the most part, be avoided. We have been seeing an increase in homepage

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What is an MFA Site & Why Should They Be Avoided?

An MFA or Made for Adsense site is a site created specifically with the intent to make money from advertisements. These pages are often specifically created around Adsense keywords and are generally poor in quality. If they have any content

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Can’t Find links?

Good Morning Writers! We know that sometimes finding good links for articles can be challenging. Especially when the subject is not one a lot of people know a great deal about. Please note that as stated in our writer resources,

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Identifying ‘Good’ Links and Competitor Links

Good Afternoon & Happy Friday!! We’d like to share some information regarding appropriate links to include in QG content and how to recognize questionable links. This is a subject we are constantly researching and improving upon. Recognizing quality links is

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Recognizing Quality Links

Good Morning Quality Gal Writers! It’s Monday morning and the beginning of a new week. The QualityGal team just wanted to share with all of you 2 helpful resources that should help many of you when you’re searching for information

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