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5 Tips to Avoiding Freelance Writing Burn Out

Thanks for tuning into another installment of the QualityGal freelance writers blog! Recently, I’ve been asked how to avoid getting too deep into freelance work and becoming ‘burnt out’ and overwhelmed with assignments. It’s the nature of the industry; we

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Comma Chameleon

Commas are important punctuation marks that help a reader to figure out what words in a sentence go together as well as what parts of the sentence are most important. Incorrect use of commas can really confuse a reader but

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Identifying ‘Good’ Links and Competitor Links

Good Afternoon & Happy Friday!! We’d like to share some information regarding appropriate links to include in QG content and how to recognize questionable links. This is a subject we are constantly researching and improving upon. Recognizing quality links is

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Recognizing Quality Links

Good Morning Quality Gal Writers! It’s Monday morning and the beginning of a new week. The QualityGal team just wanted to share with all of you 2 helpful resources that should help many of you when you’re searching for information

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The All New QualityGal Handbook

Hello Writers: Finally, it is complete [drum roll please]  introducing the all new QualityGal Handbook! You can find it in the writer panel under “Writer Resources”. This should help in locating information to help you such as: FAQ’s, finding authoritative

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