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5 Tips to Avoiding Freelance Writing Burn Out

Thanks for tuning into another installment of the QualityGal freelance writers blog! Recently, I’ve been asked how to avoid getting too deep into freelance work and becoming ‘burnt out’ and overwhelmed with assignments. It’s the nature of the industry; we

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Effective Immediately: New Writer Test Assignment Process

Good Morning Writers & Applicants: In an effort to better inform new writers about the content produced by QualityGal, we have amended the test assignment process. Going forward, all applicants will receive a two part test assignment; part one is

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Principles of Concision

Good morning QualityGal writers! We hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Now that we’re back at the office, we wanted to share with you some helpful strategies to “tighten” up your writing, turning flabby sentences and paragraphs

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Using Keywords

Hello QualityGal Writers! There’s a brief moment of respite at the QualityGal office, which means we can finally update our blog. Yay! We just wanted to share some helpful hints and suggestions on using keywords, which can be one of

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Don’t Be “That Guy”!

Happy Friday, Writers! I hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend. Before we say goodbye for the week, I want to thank those who really stepped up to the plate this week and helped to complete our unclaimed

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