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How Writers Can Ethically Use AI

Recently, some freelance writers online have turned to tools like ChatGPT to create their content. While using artificial intelligence to write content might seem like a huge time-saver (a click of a button and your work is done!), there are

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Linkbait & the Social Side of Content

There are so many forms of website content out there. Link bait is, by far, one of the most attractive, exciting, entertaining, and engaging varieties. Link bait is a blanket term that encompasses eye-catching web content, infographics, memes, and much

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5 Tips to Avoiding Freelance Writing Burn Out

Thanks for tuning into another installment of the QualityGal freelance writers blog! Recently, I’ve been asked how to avoid getting too deep into freelance work and becoming ‘burnt out’ and overwhelmed with assignments. It’s the nature of the industry; we

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Comma Chameleon

Commas are important punctuation marks that help a reader to figure out what words in a sentence go together as well as what parts of the sentence are most important. Incorrect use of commas can really confuse a reader but

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Writer Input Needed for the QualityGal Writer Handbook

Good Afternoon Writers! QualityGal is looking for your suggestions for material and information that you would like to see added to our QualityGal Writer’s Handbook. We are open to all suggestions and would greatly appreciate your input; these are resources

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