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Top 10 Reasons Why Numbered Lists Are Terrible

While top 10 lists went out of style on YouTube and other sites ages ago, the cultural staple of the numbered list in general doesn’t seem to have gone away. While some have bemoaned the situation, it also seems to

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Where to Find Free Photos for Commercial Use

Online article-writing and blogging tends to become more and more a visual medium with each passing day. Very few people actually read your blog posts. Most just skim (some of you might have started to skim by now)! So because

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7 Things Authors Can Teach Bloggers

In the past 20 or so years, blogging has separated itself out as an art form. Uniquely separate from the newspaper articles that they once imitated, blog posts continue to evolve as sites become more interactive and mobile. Attention-grabbing headings,

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From a Former Blogging Cynic

I’ve written professionally for longer than I care to share; it’s something that I can’t not do. I think it’s an obsession for every professional writer, and editor, for that matter. A colleague of mine and I joke that it’s

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Getting Creative (Commons!) With Multimedia

Hello writers! As I’m sure most of you have noticed there has been a shift in the type of content made available for freelancing through QualityGal as more and more blogging opportunities are becoming available. Active writers who have proven

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