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From a Former Blogging Cynic

I’ve written professionally for longer than I care to share; it’s something that I can’t not do. I think it’s an obsession for every professional writer, and editor, for that matter. A colleague of mine and I joke that it’s

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Do you have your own blogging site?

Hello Team: Do you have your own blogging site? If yes, is it active? How long have you been blogging? We are considering offering some additional services, thank you.

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Must-Read for all bloggers

Our Chief Operating Officer, care of my supervisor, passed a long a few guides from ProBlogger that all of our bloggers MUST read… 10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog 7 Ways to Turn a Blog Post Upside

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Free Blogger Training: Community Building

My boss forwarded me a helpful link for bloggers about community building.  The idea was to share it with those of you who will be blogging for me, but I thought it might serve as some “free training” for the

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