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Recognizing Quality Links

Good Morning Quality Gal Writers! It’s Monday morning and the beginning of a new week. The QualityGal team just wanted to share with all of you 2 helpful resources that should help many of you when you’re searching for information

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Share Your Secrets for Success!

Good Afternoon Team! We are excited to be expanding our pool of fantastic writers. QG is currently accepting applications for the freelance writer position. To welcome our new writers, I just wanted to remind everyone of the resources that are

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Help finding quality links…to the rescue

Good Afternoon Team: Need some help finding those quality links? Check out the “Writer Resources” tab in the the Writer Panel for a listing of tips under “Finding Links”. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

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QG FAQ: What are MFA sites?

Tired of being told your included links look too MFA? What IS MFA anyways? MFA pages are “made for advertising” or “made for (Google) AdSense”. They exist solely to promote the products/websites on their pages. So what does a MFA

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A few more updates!

You will notice some articles are now coming in and are marked “URGENT” in the article description.  These articles are rush jobs from the client and need to be completed within the time specified, if not earlier! Along those lines,

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