A few more updates!

You will notice some articles are now coming in and are marked “URGENT” in the article description.  These articles are rush jobs from the client and need to be completed within the time specified, if not earlier!

Along those lines, it has come to our attention that a few writers are claiming more articles than they can take, and not completing them.  Certain articles have been claimed and released multiple times.  We understand that sometimes an article gets released for one reason or another, but some people are abusing the system.  This is obviously slowing turnaround times, and the clients have noticed.

BE WARNED – we are now going to be watching to see what articles are being released and who is releasing them.  If we discover certain writers are habitually doing this, they will be placed on probationary status – which could result in termination.

Obviously, we don’t want to lose any team members, so we stress to you to please only take articles that you will be sure you can finish.  And please be sure you do not take any articles marked “URGENT” if you’re not sure you can complete them.  Like my previous post said, if you need an extension we are usually more than happy to grant it.  Just ask!

Any questions…email me…you know the drill.  🙂  Thanks!!

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