Avoid the Dreaded Red Pen! – Spelling & Grammar


Happy Friday Writers!

We are wrapping up another week at QG, and we would like to stress the importance of correct spelling and grammar. Many writers are accustomed to breezing through articles using an automatic spell check or rushing through an article to meet the deadline; but beware of silly mistakes that can easily be avoided with a bit of writer TLC.

Automatic spell checks are usually good for catching obvious spelling errors, but this is not a substitute for self-editing. Automated systems cannot catch awkward sentences or the incorrect use of a word. The human eye is the most effective spelling/grammar check.

Incorrect spelling and grammar can turn readers off to an article and affect your grade. Please make sure that you reread all assignments before submitting them to QG! Resources are available on the QG blog and in the QG writer panel. Don’t let spelling and grammar get the best of you!

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