QG Recycles!

Happy Friday Writers!

Here at QG, we believe in recycling; this week we found a new use for our shredded paper! After weeks of Christine and Francus going back and forth, Christine has finally reached her limit and pulled a prank so devious that Francus has yet to retaliate.

After taking stock of our office supplies, Christine decided to it would be a wonderful idea to use the contents of the office’s paper shredder (we have the one that shreds everything to teeny tiny squares) as makeshift confetti and “decorated” Francus’s office. Needless to say, Francus was not in a celebratory mood, lol!

This whole thing got me thinking; there are so many more uses for our office supplies than just processing and filing. Our staplers, sticky notes (my favorite), and paperclips have endless possibilities!

Being that many of our writers work from a home office, I’m curious; have you ever used office supplies for entertainment, or to get back at that person who stole your red Swingline stapler? Thank you to those who got the Office Space reference! If so, we want to hear about it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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One comment on “QG Recycles!
  1. Lorelei says:

    I have shredded anything of color to use in gift boxes and bags. It’s great filler and cheap to ship items too. As long as it’s not a security risk I will use it. 🙂