QG Tips

Hello Writers!

A few QG Tips…

  1. The word Internet should always be capitalized.  Please be sure to do this in all your writing assignments.
  2. Please pay close attention to due dates for assignments you claim. You will not always have 2 days from the date you claim one to complete and submit it, especially if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday. Your work must always be submitted by the due date listed on an assignment or chances are you will not receive credit for your work. (I never want to see this happen to you!)
  3. Please stay away from using:

  • he, she
  • him, her
  • you, your

Instead use an alternative such as:

  • them, they, their
  • one
  • person
  • people
  • etc.

All of you should have received an email from me asking you to read the newly revised copies of the SEO Writing For Dummies and the Style Guide For Writers. This is an important email and requires action on your part; please have a look at your earliest convenience.




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