Gift Ideas For Writers: The OWJ Holiday Gift Guide

Trying to figure out what to get the word nerd in your life this holiday season? Check out our recommendations!Photo by Nina Matthews Photography (Flickr)

Trying to figure out what to get the word nerd in your life this holiday season? Check out our recommendations!
Photo by Nina Matthews Photography (Flickr)

This holiday season, the staff at Online Writing Jobs is bringing you great gift ideas for a variety of people in your life. To kick off this short series, we’re starting with a topic we know a bit about. Writers, especially introverted ones, can be difficult to buy for. We’ve compiled a list of holiday gifts that would great for the writer in your life. Either shop for a wordsmith that you love or add these gifts to your own personal wish list this year!

Matt’s Recommendation: Qwerkywriter

You know how you constantly sit at your computer wishing it would have a baby with an old typewriter? Me too! It appears that with Qwerkywriter, it finally happened… and it’s the greatest thing for word nerds since they played FLAPJACK in Scrabble and scored 356 points to pull out the last-second victory (or was that just me? Yeah… it was… take THAT, Grandma!). As of now, Qwerkywriter is available only as a pre-order for $50 off the final retail price, but if you know a word nerd this holiday season, order it and shake your head disapprovingly as they open it. Trust me… they’re used to it!

Heather’s Recommendation:
The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

For Scrabble players, and word nerds in general, this dictionary is a powerful weapon of word war. From A to Z, this dictionary has every word you can play in Scrabble. It includes every two-letter trickster, like za (slang for pizza – though I’ve never actually heard it used in any context outside of Scrabble, it’s still playable) and qi (life force in traditional Chinese culture). This gift is a must for those who are in love with words and spelling. I bet there’s a word or two in there that even the most seasoned Scrabble player won’t know. Another, smaller stocking-stuffer perfect for the writer in your life is the classic MadLibs. Young or old, MadLibs are a fun way to kill some time on those long holiday treks.

Mindy’s Recommendation:
Perfumes That Make You
Smell Like a Library

If you know someone who likes to write, you’ve probably caught them with their nose in a book from time to time. But if you know a true bibliophile, you might have caught them with their nose literally in a book, sniffing at its pages. The smell of the fresh ink and paper of a new book can truly be something to be savored, but the most distinctive scent is that of an old book, like one in a library or used-book store. In fact, science has shown that as a book ages, the lignin within the paper breaks down, releasing a vanilla-like scent. But you don’t have to spend all day glued to a book to enjoy these unique scents: A few different perfumers have developed fragrances that smell like books. If you’ve got a fair amount of money to spend on the book-lover in your life, get them I Hate Perfume’s In the Library by perfumer Christopher Brosius. Pick up Demeter’s Paperback if you’re trying to stick to a budget, or check out Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s The Book for something a bit more complex with better staying power.

Jillian’s Recommendation: Magnetic Poetry

If you know a writer who frequently suffers from writer’s block (and who doesn’t?), consider getting them a magnetic poetry set. The creator of the original magnetic poetry set came up with the idea for this exact purpose. Slap them on your refrigerator door or any other steel surface and start arranging and rearranging the pieces to get the creative juices flowing. You can find many different magnetic poetry kits online, varying in theme, author, and language. If you have the time, you can even create your own custom set.

Steph’s Recommendation: Bananagrams

What word-lover doesn’t love Scrabble? While most writers may have that classic board game, many of them may not have this newer, board-less version. Bananagrams makes Scrabble faster and takes away the tricky element of special-point squares on the board. Players must move fast to swap out letters, making crosswords as quickly as possible. This free-for-all makes you think creatively and quickly. The addictive game is also great for those who travel – it’s compact, portable, and can be played pretty much anywhere. If you know a writer with a family, this is an optimal gift that can provide hours of entertainment.

David’s Recommendation: My Ideal Bookshelf

Most writers can probably name at least a couple of other writers who have influenced their work. But which writers inspired those writers? My Ideal Bookshelf explores this question with 100 charming illustrations depicting the books that various cultural icons would include on their ideal bookshelves. Among the book’s contributors are well-known writers, musicians, fashion designers, and directors. The book also includes brief commentaries from the contributors explaining what makes the books they chose so special to them. In addition to being one heck of a recommended reading list, this book is a testament to the ways in which writing can shape someone’s life. It’s sure to be a hit with the writer in your life.

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