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Matthew Holden

Director of Content Marketing

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Matthew Holden is the Director of Content Marketing for Online Writing Jobs, and a frequent contributor to the OWJ blog. After receiving a Master’s degree in English Education from Sage Graduate School in Troy, New York, he began writing freelance, and eventually full-time, for various companies and media outlets. After spending some time writing marketing copy, he became interested in the various ways a company can market itself online through the use of different types of content marketing.

Today, as the Director of Content Marketing, Matt oversees strategy creation, production, implementation, and promotion, of content written by experts and influencers from across the country in every vertical imaginable. When he is not overseeing the creation and promotion of thousands of pieces of content a year for OWJ clients, Matt can be found writing some for himself.

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Should You Become a Freelance Writer?

Becoming a freelance writer, at least full-time, is a huge decision. Do you have the clients? The time? The will? The health insurance? The size of the risk is matched only by the reward, and that can be intimidating. So I put together what is probably the best flowchart ever made in the history of flowcharts (at least according to one study I didn't make up) to help make the decision easier. So... what should a new freelance writer be on the look out for? Let 'em know in the comments! Read more [...]
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Should I Write for Free? The Ultimate Guide for Beginning Freelancers

  I started out writing this as a guide to writing for free as a freelancer. My personal belief that writing for free is beneficial for beginning freelancers guided the piece, but the more I read of the opposing viewpoint, the more I understood it. Just because writing for free worked for me doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone, so here are some pros and cons to writing for free. Make the decision for yourself… I can’t handle the pressure! Pro: You’re an Intern Freelance Read more [...]
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Creating A Freelance Writing Website – What Not To Do

Every day, I get to work, grab a cup of coffee, say hello to my team here at OWJ, and open my email. I’m never far from my email, and it’s usually the last thing I check before bed, but somehow there are always plenty of unread little love notes to go through. One of those emails, and then two or three more throughout the day, will always be someone wanting me to visit their freelance writing website. The email usually goes something like this:   Good morning Online Writing Jobs! My Read more [...]
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Getting Started in Content Marketing: Making Mistakes, Creating Experiences

  I’m sure I’m paraphrasing a million people when I say this, but what the heck. If you keep making mistakes, but they’re all different, they’re called experiences. With that platitude out of the way, I’ll say this: I hate making mistakes. I’m my own worst critic and, unlike critics I might have online, I can’t just walk away from myself. I follow myself to bed and beat myself up over mistakes I've made. Mistakes suck. I’m sure I’m not alone here. Getting started Read more [...]
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Looking for Freelance Editors

Hi QG Writers! For a variety of reasons, we're now looking for some freelance editors to take some of the load off here at QG.  With some of our other responsibilities increasing, we need high-quality editors we can rely on to perform the task quickly and at an extremely high level. The idea of using freelancers is still somewhat in its infancy, and we will be nailing down the process in coming days, but if the idea of editing articles appeals to you, please email us at [email protected] Read more [...]
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