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Using Keywords

Hello QualityGal Writers! There’s a brief moment of respite at the QualityGal office, which means we can finally update our blog. Yay! We just wanted to share some helpful hints and suggestions on using keywords, which can be one of the trickiest things to do for some assignments. First, a little refresher on why keywords are important. In two words: search engines. Think about the last time you looked for a restaurant or tried to find discount gardening supplies. If you’re one of the billions Read more [...]
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What’s grammar?

Hey QualityGal Writers! Sometimes, at the QualityGal office, we need to correct minor grammar issues before sending off content to our clients, which got us to thinking: what’s the point of grammar and what does it mean to be grammatically "correct"? That’s a really loaded question; ask any two English teachers or writing instructors what grammar is and why it matters and you’ll get two completely different answers. The truth is that the whole grammar debate can largely be divided into Read more [...]
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Vote to Decorate the QG Office

Good Morning Writers: We need your help on how to decorate our new office space, so far the following themes have been suggested: Jungle                                                          Disney / Cartoon Dinosaurs                                                   Candyland Pirate                                                           Read more [...]
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Thank You Writers: We are Increasing our Pay Scale

Good Afternoon Writers: Effective 9/1/11, we will be increasing our pay scale! The new pay scale will be based on the amount of links an article requests: up to 29 links: $15 30-39 links: $18 40-49 links: $21 50-59 links: $24 60+ links: $28 There will be a few exceptions to this (for example, product pages with lower wordcounts and no links will be a bit lower). We are very appreciative of everything you do and want to compensate you for all your hard work. Thank Read more [...]
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Text Box Added for Dropped Articles

Good Morning Writers: To better serve our clients and you, our writers, we have added a text box (asking for an explanation) for dropped articles. Each time you drop an article a text box will appear asking why the article was dropped? Please add as much detail as possible as to why you are dropping the article, we may be able to help. We are finding many writers were dropping articles for some common reasons such as: Could not find the # of links required, could not meet the deadline, something Read more [...]
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