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Help finding quality links…to the rescue

Good Afternoon Team:

Need some help finding those quality links?

Check out the “Writer Resources” tab in the the Writer Panel for a listing of tips under “Finding Links”.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

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QG on Vacation until Tuesday, 4/13/10

Good Morning:

QG is on vacation until Tuesday, 4/13/10.

During her absence  you can email me with any questions, concerns, comments or just to say “hi.”

Thank you for all the work you have done, the articles look great!

Enjoy your weekend,


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QG Now has One Editor to Edit Your Articles

Good Afternoon Team:

We have heard your cries and we are working to make QG all it can be.

We now have  ONE editor to do all of the editing for the entire QG writing team. This will help in streamlining our processes and procedures, providing continuity and consistency to our editing process.

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Australian Insurance Articles

Good Afternoon Team:

You will notice that your articles are going through two editing processes one locally and one in Australia. You may see a status change also.

If you have already been graded on your article and invoiced, your pay will not be affected.

If you have not yet invoiced and a reduced grade is given your pay could be affected. Please contact QualityGal BEFORE invoicing.

Thank you.

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Australian Insurance Articles

Good Morning Team:

There are a lot of insurance articles not yet completed; they are due by Thursday, 2/4/10 3:00 PM (EST).

Please get these done as quickly as possible because the client wants to move up our deadline. We cannot grant any extensions, if you are unable to complete these, please release them.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

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