Helping Out a Good Clause

Santa Clauses

No, not THESE clauses…
Photo by Rick Phillips

Sometimes, the world of grammar can be as clear as mud. To some extent, once you get past a certain age, your use of the English language becomes largely instinctive, and then, all of a sudden, some teacher is trying to slap labels on parts of sentences and make you remember them all.

To make it worse, sometimes, people use different terms to refer to the same thing. Subordinate clause? Restrictive clause? Independent clause? Santa Claus? It can all be a jumble. Luckily, I’m here to help.

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The Styles, They Are a-Changin’…

Spare change

Change is good… except when you’re going through airline security.
Photo by Adam Bartlett

We’re changing our styles. But don’t panic! Change is good.

Old styles 1 and 4, you’ve served us well… however, in the great purge of confusing instructions, you were the weakest links. Goodbye!

But before they tragically died, Style 1 and Style 4 had a baby. Its name is “the new Style 1.” Let’s take a look at this new style and all of the other updates…

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When Not to Use a Comma: The 9 Commandments

In a pickle about comma usage? See what I did there?

In a pickle about comma usage? See what I did there?
Photo by: Michael Hiemstra

Ah, the comma. There is, perhaps, no other piece of punctuation so widely misused. We get it — the comma is a seductive mistress. As an editor, I inevitably see writers get swept away by the charming comma far too often. A common side effect of the comma craze is to sprinkle them around like they’re confetti. Perhaps you, too, are bothered by unnecessary commas. Maybe you’re a concerned writer who fears you commit random acts of comma. Worry not, dear reader, for I have the solution. I present to you…

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Great Reading for Writers: OWJ’s Summer Reading Guide


Are you looking for a great book to read this summer? The Online Writing Jobs staff has made some recommendations of writing guides, inspirational memoirs, and professional development books that can boost your writing prowess:

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Should You Become a Freelance Writer?

Becoming a freelance writer, at least full-time, is a huge decision. Do you have the clients? The time? The will? The health insurance? The size of the risk is matched only by the reward, and that can be intimidating. So I put together what is probably the best flowchart ever made in the history of flowcharts (at least according to one study I didn’t make up) to help make the decision easier.

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