Read the directions. Read the directions. Read the directions.

I’m getting articles ready to publish. I am blown away by how many people are not following directions. People who I consider to be very good writers. But if you can’t follow directions, this is not going to work well.

Always read the instructions on your assignment sheet.

For the most part, the top of the assignment sheet never changes. Even so, there are many people who are not following the instructions for saving your files to submit to me. The filename of the .doc file you send me should be the same as the filename on your assignment sheet. If you want to type your articles onto the assignment sheet (until the new system is in place) be my guest. Do not change the filename to the title of your article. Do not send me each article separately. Follow the directions on your assignment sheet.

Project Details

The medical articles have a very specific format outlined on your assignment sheet. There are several paragraphs detailing what the title, description, and subheadings should be for each medical condition and medication article.  I should not be seeing creative titles and descriptions when I give instructions for standardized titles and descriptions. If I give you a list of subheadings that should be in bold, then those are the exact subheadings I want to see, and they should be in bold. I have hundreds of these articles to sift through, and changing these little tiny details adds up to hours of work when it would take each of you a matter of extra seconds while you’re writing.

One thing I wasn’t clear about in the directions was how to list the generic and brand names of the medications. I don’t want them in sentence form. Just list the names. If there are multiple brand names, list them in alphabetical order, separated by commas. This will be important when health week starts on Monday. I hope you’re reading this carefully.

There will be a test.

The test is this: once the new system rolls out, your readability grade (the “R” score when you get your grades back) will be marked down if you do not follow the instructions for each assignment. If you ever have any questions about any instructions that are unclear, feel free to email me and ask. I am happy to answer your questions. I get angry when I’ve provided directions that are ignored. You don’t want to make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Oh yeah. Leave a comment on this post to let me know you read it. Anyone who requests an assignment next week and hasn’t commented will be given the lowest priority for their requests.

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    I have read and understand this! I’ve been leaving your instructions at the top of the file, should I delete them before I send them to you?

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