About the Writer Panel

For those of you testing the writer panel, and those of you who will be over the next few days…

You can claim available assignments by clicking on the title and saving them.  You can curently claim two at a time.

You can only submit invoices after your articles have been reviewed and graded by an editor.  When you submit your invoice online, you do not have to email it to me.

Partial headers are still required.  The title is already present, and reference numbers aren’t being assigned on here, but I will need you to lead with your keyword phrase(s) and description until I can get those fields added.

There are some known issues that need to be worked out, but our programmer is unavailable to fix them until Friday:

  • (From TM030) I just wanted to note that if you compose originally in MS Word and then paste using Control-V, it copies the formatting verbatim. However, if you use the Word text paste button which pops up a separate window for you to paste into, the font and formatting is thrown way off. I did that with my first article and had to correct quite a few spacing errors but learned my lesson by then pasting directly into the screen for the rest.
  • If I need to make changes to an article after I create the assignment, the system assigns a grade of D because the default grade is zero. You can ignore any grades that appear before you submit your articles.

I will be editing this post to include other issues as they are brought to my attention, and I will pass them along to the programmer on Friday.

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