Save a Word for National Dictionary Day!


Dust Odd Your Dictionary
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Good Morning Writers, Happy Friday!

In honor of National Dictionary Day tomorrow, 10/16/10, I’d like to stress the importance of shaking up your writing every once in a while. For many freelancers, writing starts as a passion and it turns into a job; and like any job, it may seem tedious or redundant sometimes. Instead of going on autopilot when writing, refuel by adding a new word to your lexicon!

So all of you logophiles out there, dust off that dictionary and revive a dying word!

Check out the Save The Words website to adopt your word today.

An additional nugget of knowledge: The first American Dictionary was created in 1783, after 27 years of work, by Noah Webster and included 70,000 words. National Dictionary Day also falls on Noah’s birthday. Happy birthday, Noah!


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