International Egg Day!

What Type of Egg are You?Photo by Frank Monnerjahn (Flickr)

Happy Friday!

Today we are celebrating International Egg Day! Most of us have heard the jingle “the incredible edible egg,” so sing it loud and proud today as we recognize this versatile, protein packed food.

Eaten scrambled, hard or soft boiled or fried, there is an egg recipe for everyone; but that doesn’t mean that all eggs are the same. There are many different varieties of eggs and even differences resulting from the way a hen is raised. Check out these little known egg facts:

Factory vs. Pasture Raised – Studies have shown that eggs from a modern factory setting contain less essential vitamins than pastured eggs.

Egg Shell and Yolk Color – The commercial eggs that are available in your local grocery store are typically white with a light yellow yoke; but the color of eggshells can range from white to dark brown, depending on the breed. The color of the yolk depends on the diet of the hen. Hens raised in a factory setting are usually fed grain and cornmeal, and produce pale or colorless yolks because their diet is less natural.

Eww, Green Eggs – That gross greenish tint around the outside of the egg is a natural reaction of iron and sulfur compounds in the egg that happens when the egg has been cooked for too long.

Types of Eggs –  With so many different types of eggs available and studies coming out with new information, it’s important for consumers to understand what they are eating and serving to their families.

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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