Weekend Extension Reminder & Recommended Reading

Hello ‘All, Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and got some sun, I sure did! The whole QG content team was out and about enjoying our various activities, I for one hosted my first BBQ of the season! In cases of nice weather, make sure that you are emailing me with any questions/concerns with your assignments. Any emails that are sent after 2pm on Friday will be answered promptly the following Monday morning.

Writers can also email [email protected] after 2pm on Fridays and in case of emergencies. However, neither of us can guarantee a response of the weekends.

If you have an assignment due on a Saturday or Sunday and would like to requests an extension, please submit the article completed to the best of your ability. Juggling articles is like playing hot potato, don’t let it drop! Leave a note to the editor in the article as to what you need or had a problem with, email me with the same information, and submit the assignment. I would hate to have any writer work on an article, get 95% done with it and run out of time. 50% done does not count, please do not abuse the system!

I also come bearing book recommendations! If any of you are a little more into reading and writing than is recommended for proper optical health, I have a book you might like to check out, it’s call The Wednesday Sisters (sorry guys, Breaking Glass by Stephen Glass is also worth checking out and has a journalistic edge to it). The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton is fabulous! It’s about budding female writers in the 1970s. Granted, they don’t write for QG, but if home computers had existed at that time, they sure would have!

Check our Clayon’s site for more book info, it’s a quick read to fit in between articles and our own writing.

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