Happy Belated Mother’s Day & Urgent Article Alert!

Mother's Day at the Tulip Festival in Albany, NY
By Matt Wade (Flickr)

Happy Monday Writers,

Happy belated Mother’s Day! I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to spend a bit of time with their mom on Mother’s Day! My mother and I made our tradition Mother’s Day visit to the Albany Tulip Festival, very pretty! – Even though it was so cold and windy, we had a great time! I added a photo so everyone could see a bit of New York in the spring (brrr!). I would have posted my own, but I forgot my camera in the rush to get out of the apartment this morning, I apologize for the cop out, but the photographer did a great job!

I would love it is a few people shared their Mother’s Day goings on! – I know there are a ton of stay-at-home moms out there, I hope all of your kids were perfect angels and gave you a bit of piece and quiet, or at least a card!

Urgent Article Alert! We have some assignments marked Urgent! up for grabs, and I want to make sure that any writer who has been with QG for over a month is able to access these assignments. If you signed up to be a writer before 04/10/10, please email me if you are not able to see any of the Urgent! articles available.

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