Use of Keywords and Parentheses for Optimized Projects

Hi QG writers! You have probably noticed lately that we have had a lot more keyword optimized projects available to claim. Overall you are doing a great job with the optimized projects, thanks for all your help!
We have noticed that some people are placing parentheses around keywords that already exist on the page. Please do not do this, it is not acceptable. Parentheses are used by us as a way to identify the keywords that you added to the page. If parentheses are placed around keywords that already exist, it makes it very difficult to identify the keywords that you added. We will not be able to accept articles that have parentheses included around already existing keywords on the page. Please keep this in mind when completing optimized projects.
We are always here to answer questions regarding keyword usage or anything else you have a question about. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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