Technical & Emergency Article Outreach

Greetings again, it’s turning out to be a very blog-oriented day today, lol.

Our next order of business: Trying to find writers for our technical assignments.
I understand that some of the more technical articles (i.e. advanced science and mathematical articles). That being said, I would be like to get a better idea of who DOES NOT mind writing the more technical articles, that way, when there is a more specialized piece, we can make sure it is given to a writer who can dedicate the time and effort to the article that is necessary. These articles will not circulate in the writer panel. Instead, technical writers will be notified via email when there is an article available and it will be assigned accordingly.

I understand that not everyone has the background knowledge to feel comfortable with the more technical articles, but if you are a writer who is interested in advanced sciences and mathematics, these might be right up your ally! Please let me know if you are interested in being added to the Technical article call list via comment or email.

The same goes for emergency articles, I had posted a blog a few weeks ago asking for writers to let me know if they would like to be put on the emergency call list, feel free to also respond to that need. We are constantly getting new clients with special needs, writers on the emergency call list are very reliable and are able to produce quality articles in a very short period of time. This list has recently heated up a bit, as some of you can attest to. Please comment or email if you are interested in getting involved with this aspect of QG.

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication,

P.S. – Please don’t forget to look at the earlier blogs, there have been a ton of very important information that has gone out in the last 24hrs and I don’t want to leave anyone out of the loop.

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2 comments on “Technical & Emergency Article Outreach
  1. Sandy Hemphill says:

    My issue with technical articles isn’t one of technicality itself. I’ve been writing for the scientific, medical, and academic communities since the 1970s. I like science. Technical writing, by its very nature, requires a great deal of precision and fact checking, both of which can be very time consuming. My time and my expertise are valuable and I will be willing to work on more articles of a technical nature in the future if I am adequately compensated.

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for the comments Sandy, we are working on the payscale for articles especially those technical ones.