Quality Gal Welcomes New Team Member- Alicia

Hello, my name is Alicia and I am happy to introduce myself to you!

I am looking forward to working with QualityGal’s amazing team of writers and editors. I am friendly and hopeful, which coincides with my love of teaching and learning about social issues. I think the internet is the coolest thing to happen since sliced bread and I spend a lot of time reading the news and research articles published online. I also spend a lot of time listening to NPR and musical compositions. Classic country, jazz, indie rock and instrumental music are just a few genres that frequent my playlist. On the weekends I go hiking, work on craft projects and I try out new recipes, which fuels my favorite pastime- eating! If you have a question or need assistance while working on a project, don’t hesitate to email me at:

[email protected].

I would be pleased to hear from you and clarify any inquiry you might have.

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6 comments on “Quality Gal Welcomes New Team Member- Alicia
  1. Mindy says:

    Yay! We’re so excited to have Alicia as a part of the QG team! She’s such a gem!

  2. Hi Alicia and welcome to the best place to be on this side of the internet. I personally have some of your traits; writing, cooking and eating are the names of the game. So welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your new position. I am looking forward to working with you.

  3. Alicia says:

    Thank you Winona and Mindy!

    I love my job, I’m learning a lot. It’s nice to know other foodies. What type of dishes do you like to make? Some of my favorites are Mexican and Caribbean dishes, and I especially like to make soup. Thanks again for the message!

  4. Oh mercy, Caribbean dishes; I am a curry addict and love Mexican as well. Those two flavors just warms my heart.

  5. Debra Cornelius says:

    Welcome Alicia!!!
    Glad to * meet you! Trust you are ready for a blessed Chriustmas/ Holiday season.
    Soups are a favorite of mine! My 5 year old granddaughter Jaden requests ‘Nannie’s Medicine Soup’ when she doesn’t feel good because it ‘always makes her feel better’! What is ‘medicine soup’…vegetable beef soup with tomatoes and anything else I have on hand to toss in the pot!….;)

    Hummm ok, I’m thinking today sounds like a chicken and noodle type of day though with a pan of homemade corn bread!!!

    Have a great day and again…WELCOME to the QG family!!!

  6. Michele says:

    Hi Alicia! I also have a real love for music (especially indie) and music in general. It’s great to have a music lover as part of the team!! 🙂 Look forward to working with you!!