QG Writer Panel Enhancement: “Returned Projects”

You asked for it, you got it! 🙂

A lot of you were confused about projects being returned to you for further edits.  Sometimes you’d assume it was just a glitch in the system and ignore it, only to realize 48 hours later that your article had been released from you.

Wonder no more!  If you go to your account frontpage, you will see a new box has been added called “Your Returned Projects”.  Now, if an article has been returned to you for further edits, it will show up in there.

If edits are not completed and the article not resubmitted 48 hours after the article is returned to you, the article will be released.  Be sure to get in the habit of checking the Writer Panel frequently after submitting an article to make sure you don’t need to edit it.  It’s a shame to put in a lot of hard work on an article only to have it taken away because the edits are not completed on time.

Questions?  Comments?  Fire away!

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2 comments on “QG Writer Panel Enhancement: “Returned Projects”
  1. Michele says:

    Hello! I was wondering where all of the assignments have been, or if it’s just a result of allowing people to take as many articles as they can, so they’ve scooped them all up.. I have been checking the site regularly, and it seems like things are “slow” lately, but I wanted to make sure it’s not just me? Thanks 🙂

  2. QualityGal says:

    Hi Michele!

    Things are notoriously a bit slow here at the end of the month. I expect things to pick up next week!
    We’re also going to be releasing about 100 product pages sometime this week. I’ll be announcing that on the QG Twitter…stay tuned!! 🙂