Can you identify the keyword phrases?

I’ve had a number of questions recently about keyword phrases as they relate to articles when the title is assigned.  I decided the easiest way to explain this is to give you a little mini quiz to see if you can pick out the keyword phrases for each of the following titles.  The answers are after the cut.

  1. Vacation in Orlando: Travel Without Breaking the Bank
  2. Your Travel Guide to Spectacular Fall Travel in Connecticut
  3. Educational Family Travel in Southwest Florida
  4. A Beach Vacation on a Shoestring Budget
  5. For a Special Lodging Experience, Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
  6. Camping for Corporate Teambuilding
  7. Are Dirt Bikes Just For Off-Road Use?
  8. Advantages of Using a Sports Ankle Brace
  9. Tips for Buying Golf Tournament Gifts Online
  10. Holiday Gift Idea for Autistic Children
  11. Using the Right Tools to Bring Your Prom Hair Ideas to Life
  12. Simple Romantic Gifts That are Sure to Please

Here are the answers, and some explanations:

  1. [vacation] [orlando travel] – Because search engines tend to ignore punctuation, it is possible to include a keyword phrase using a colon or other punctuation to create a more appealing title.
  2. [travel guide] [fall travel] – Keywords are what people are going to be typing into the search engines to find information.  While [travel guide] may be a bit more obvious than [fall travel], you should never think that [spectacular fall travel] is going to be your keyword phrase, because no one is going to be searching for the word spectacular.
  3. [family travel] – The other words in the title are just gravy.  Not many people are going to be searching for [southwest florida], so you’d want to be sure to include names of cities and beaches in your article body.
  4. [beach vacation] – Again, no one is going to be searching for [shoestring budget].
  5. [lodging] [bed and breakfast] – As a general rule, stick with the nouns.
  6. [camping] – Sometimes, simple is easiest. Your secondary keyword phrase could be [corporate teambuilding], but the search volume is going to be much lower.  Focus on the big terms.
  7. [dirt bikes] – I’m hoping this one was fairly obvious.
  8. [sports ankle brace] – That’s your noun.  People aren’t searching for [advantages]
  9. [golf tournament gifts] – You will probably never see [online] as part of your search terms.
  10. [holiday gift idea] – Lots of people search for gift ideas for many occasions.  You could argue that [autistic children] is a secondary keyword phrase, and I wouldn’t fault you for it.
  11. [prom hair ideas] – Hopefully by this point in the list, you weren’t expecting to see [using the right tools] or some other variation.
  12. [romantic gifts] – Again, keep it simple.  The rest of the words just explain the focus of the article, but the gifts are what people would be search for.

Any questions? Post a comment!

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