Happy Holidays from QualityGal

Christmas Cookies

Just some of the yummy cookies found in our office today.

Those of us here at QualityGal want to wish all of our wonderful writers a very happy holiday. The office today is filled with delicious treats and we’re all trying very hard to be good and not eat ourselves into a cookie coma. Members of the QG staff brought in a variety of delicious goodies, from coconut macaroons to raspberry shortbread and Swedish tea cakes. Yum!

Favorite Holiday Treats? When asked the guys and gals of QG compiled a delicious list. My favorite treat? Raspberry truffles. Heather says clementines are her favorite holiday treat. I haven’t decided if that counts yet.  Other answers included “the one in front of me” and “girlfriend cookies.”  Aww…

There is one other reason for this post.  Due to the holiday, the QG office will be closed on Monday December 26th so if you have any questions or concerns during the weekend, we promise to respond as soon as we can once the office is back open on Tuesday the 27th.

Once again, all of us here at QualityGal hope your holiday is wonderful. Happy Holidays!

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2 comments on “Happy Holidays from QualityGal
  1. Dorothy says:

    No peppermint bark? Love it!

  2. QualityGal says:

    Hi Dorothy, Happy Holidays!!

    Yes, peppermint bark, love the holiday goodies!