How Important is My Grade?

How Important Is My Grade?

Happy Friday, Writers!

As we wrap up another busy week here at QG, I just want to emphasize the importance of article grades. QualityGal grades all assignments on a scale of “A”, “B”, “C”, and “F”. All writers need to maintain a minimum of a “B” average to be an active writer.

An article may be downgraded for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Numerous spelling and/or grammatical errors
  • The article was formatted incorrectly
  • Non-authoritative or websites covered in AdSense were included
  • The article instructions were not followed
  • The approximate word count was not met
  • Links were not embedded properly
  • Link text and/or descriptions were misleading or repetitive
  • The article was flagged for plagiarism

To ensure that you ace your assignments, please make sure that you carefully read through and follow the article directions, including the required content, word count, number of links, and style.

If you have concerns regarding article directions or the grading process, please feel free to contact Christine or myself.

If a writer consistently submits “C” articles, they risk having their writer account deactivated. When an article is graded a “C”, the writer also forfeits a portion of the article’s payment.

If an article receives a grade of “F”, the writer forfeits ALL payment for the article.

So, to answer the questions, how important is my grade; it is very important, because it is a reflection of your work as a QualityGal writer.

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