I Need Your April Fool’s Day Ideas!

Hey Guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patrick’s Day with some corned beef and green beer! It was my first corned beef experience, cooking it anyway. Being that I’m second generation Irish-American, there is no way I could go a St. Patty’s Day without eating some awesome food!

My next favorite holiday is fast approaching, and that is where I need everyone’s help. You see, I work with a particularly ruthless character by the name of Francus. Francus likes to put onions in Christine’s desk and has taken a liking to sticking is gross finger in my ear as he passes by me. I even have a squirt bottle hidden to get him back when he decides to play his little tricks. But the squirt bottle is not an effective deterrent, ‘cuz he just keeps on doing it. We tried getting even with this joker, Christine even went as far as to special order stinky cheese and hid it in his ceiling. I’m not joking, it’s crazy!

Since April Fool’s Day is coming up, we really need to get Francus back for all of his nonsense. Please help us brainstorm some truly awful practical jokes, we need to think way outside of the box and we are desperately seeking new suggestions, there is no joke too silly or gross! Please post you’re ideas (btw, my ear was just attacked AGAIN. Even as I type! Help!) so we can make this an unforgettable April Fool’s Day in the QG office.

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8 comments on “I Need Your April Fool’s Day Ideas!
  1. My sister is the queen of April Fool’s pranks, not me! lol But I googled “paybacks April Fools pranks” and this site and others came up.


    Try googling for ideas. lol Good luck, sounds like you need it! lol


  2. QualityGal says:

    LOL, thanx Cheryl! This prank will be epic, whatever we end up doing, I’ll keep you posted! Enjoy your Friday!

    Does anyone work in a prank ridden office? What’s the worst prank you’ve ever pulled/been the victim of?


  3. Christina Miller says:

    If you would really like to gross them out and psych them out you could order some dog poop-shaped soap and place it on their desk, chair, lunch container, etc. LOL I found some great examples on Etsy.com.


  4. QualityGal says:

    LOL Christina that is gross!!
    Christine conveniently has two very um…productive Rotties, we will just consider them our whole-sale puppy poo suppliers! Although a fake soap option might ensure that none of us get fired, lol! Great ideas!

  5. Rob says:

    LOL, yall should put some clear super glue in his seat and when he sit down, it’ll be curtains for him. Or empty the soap dispenser from the men’s bathroom and substitute the soap liquid for COD liver oil or transmission car fluid, or with something gross…..LOL yall crazy


  6. Francus says:

    Are you kidding me? Christine once had a girlfriend fill the inside of my truck with Horsecrap,real horsecrap Filled the inside to the brim. also someone hit a deer they(Christine) sawed the legs off and made hood ornaments for my truck. Lets not forget crisco in the door handle, cat liter on the roof in the rain, old fish and shrimp hid under my seat,( it got soo bad I had to sell the truck.)I could go on and on ,and your worried about onions in your desk. it’s on like donkey cong. Writers, you should be helping me, not this sadistic brood of women.
    P S I always give A”s

  7. QualityGal says:

    Really Francus! I think you might be exaggerating just a bit. I doubt Christine actually filled your truck, up to the brim with horse dung, maybe halfway to the brim might be more accurate. And don’t act so innocent! I didn’t do anything to provoke the onions in my desk. Speaking of which, how are those smelling these days, they should have helped clear out your sinuses by now!

  8. Lyudmila says:

    I’ve always loved this, never tried it though:

    Basically it makes an annoying electronic noise but only for a few seconds and intermittently so it’s nearly impossible to tell where it’s coming from.