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7 Ways To Keep Your Ego Out of the Freelance Writing Process

Some of the best advice comes from complete hypocrites. I am definitely a hypocrite with this post. It’s almost inevitable that writers tie their egos to their work, whether it be fiction, adaptation, nonfiction, or just small articles. This post

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Should You Become a Freelance Writer?

Becoming a freelance writer, at least full-time, is a huge decision. Do you have the clients? The time? The will? The health insurance? The size of the risk is matched only by the reward, and that can be intimidating. So

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Should I Write for Free? The Ultimate Guide for Beginning Freelancers

  I started out writing this as a guide to writing for free as a freelancer. My personal belief that writing for free is beneficial for beginning freelancers guided the piece, but the more I read of the opposing viewpoint,

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Creating A Freelance Writing Website – What Not To Do

Every day, I get to work, grab a cup of coffee, say hello to my team here at OWJ, and open my email. I’m never far from my email, and it’s usually the last thing I check before bed, but

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Infographic: The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer


Happy Friday, Everyone! We found this and wanted to share – continue through to see; thought it was well done and provided some interesting numbers to consider. One little disclaimer to note though it that these numbers are not specific

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