Article Feeback and Grading System

Christine’s Knitting Class
Photo by Jon Hanson (Flickr)

Happy Tuesday ‘All!

I hope you had a wonderful and sunny weekend! I was so happy to break out my flip flops! Christine says hello and that her underwater knitting class is going swimmingly! LOL, She even brought in a photo of her classmates for us!

Everyone grab your fishing poles and scoop up some of those articles that have been floating around, too! There have been a handful of articles that have been hanging out for a bit and I’m not really clear as to why. If you post some feedback on articles, it would be really helpful. What do you look for when picking out articles? If you have any favorites I would love to know; we are always looking for new ways to make our writers and our clients happy.

Some of you might have also noticed a difference in the editing process, we are now using a two step editing process to help insure speedy and accurate grading.

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5 comments on “Article Feeback and Grading System
  1. Meg says:

    When I pick up assignments, it is sometimes due to the structure that is required, the topic, or many times, because of its due date. I haven’t been picking up some of the recent projects that are out there because their due dates are too close (or are past due). I don’t know if this needs to be updated, but they may still be floating around becuase of their dates. Just my opinion……….

  2. Sometimes the subject matter is too complicated for the payout, such as the TCP/IP article. Other times, the directions haven’t been especially clear (which we can always email to clarify, so this shouldn’t be a terrible issue). I think also it is spring break for a lot of us and often we have children home or perhaps someone is on vacation. I have finals and first communion for my son which has colored my past two weeks.

    But I’ve noticed that subject matter and payout might be the main issue. Some due dates have come and gone, but look like they’ve been fixed in the panel now. The Orwell article looks like it needs links for all those subtopics, however upon asking, I found they don’t, but the subject matter is just not my forte, so given the amount of research it would take to complete the article, writing, linking, etc. the payout is way too low for my time. I have a feeling most writers would feel that way and not take it unless they’ve got the time or are Orwell/literature fans.

    That’s my two cents whether accurate or not!


  3. Also, I’d like to know more about the new editing system. What does editing 1 entail, is it computerized to check copyscape and link viability? What about phase 2? I hope that it has been working, I know the edit process is time consuming and can be a bear when you’ve got so much on your plate! The book I am editing right now is taking way too much time, but that’s the nature of it! lol

  4. Lorelei says:

    I agree with Cheryl, I often skip articles if they need a lot of links. The links often take a lot of time because so many have the same information. The subject matter is an issue as well. I have done one or two on subjects I did not know well and they are difficult to write because you have to look up all the information and try to learn as you go. Another factor is the time line, I can only take what I can fit into my schedule.

  5. January says:

    I agree with bits and pieces of everyone’s responses. I like to take articles that require many links, but if I have to research a goldmine of links, that can take time. Due to that, on the articles that require many links I prefer styles #1 & #3. I will still consider, and most likely take articles, if they are styles #2, 4, 7, 9 and even 11, respectively.