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We’re changing our styles. But don’t panic! Change is good.

Old styles 1 and 4, you’ve served us well… however, in the great purge of confusing instructions, you were the weakest links. Goodbye!

But before they tragically died, Style 1 and Style 4 had a baby. Its name is “the new Style 1.” Let’s take a look at this new style and all of the other updates…


The New Style 1: Links at the end of article

Intro paragraph

(Optional additional paragraphs based on instructions and enhanced readability)

Introductory sentence for links:


Style 2 stayed the same. Style 3 mimics the old Style 1 but includes link descriptions:

The New Style 3: List of links with descriptions (bulleted)

Intro paragraph

  • First LinkThis is a full sentence describing the first link. It includes a subject, verb, and object, and it talks about what’s in this link.
  • Second LinkIn this link, there are different things to discuss, including a comprehensive look at a different aspect of the topic.
  • Third Link – What is important about this link? It’s different than the first two.


The new Style 4 is the old Style 3.

The New Style 4: Bulleted Links Between Paragraphs

Intro paragraph

One or two body paragraphs

Concluding paragraph


After Style 4, everything remains the same, but a lot of styles have new and clearer instructions. Be sure to read them closely. For example, here is the new Style 13. Now, you’ll have more clear instructions on where to put links and how to source your quotes.

The New Style 13: Article with Quotes Between Paragraphs With Embedded Links

Intro paragraph

“Quote” – Source

One or two paragraphs with embedded links

“Quote” – Source

One or two paragraphs with embedded links

Optional concluding paragraph


Also, updates have been made to the style samples to more accurately demonstrate the styles described.

We think that these new styles will help both writers and editors. If you have any questions about the samples or the new styles feel free to comment below. If you have detailed questions geared toward a specific project, email them to [email protected].


Please note that specific instructions for a project always outweigh the style, so pay attention to the instructions for each project and email us well in advance of the project deadline with any questions. The style outlines and examples are solely for the purpose of instructing the writers regarding how each style should be organized. The number of links and word count included in each is not a directive; each assignment has a specific number of links and words required, so please refer to the article instructions in the Project Details section of the project page. Link descriptions will also be addressed in the article instructions; please make sure to review all article instructions listed in the Project Details section of your assignment.

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