Tips For Writing Kid-Friendly Articles

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I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. The QualityGal team just wanted to share some resources with you that might be helpful for writing kid-friendly articles. It can be especially difficult to write a kid-friendly article if you don’t have much experience with children. The following tips may be helpful for the next kid-friendly article you decide to claim.

  • When writing a kid-friendly article use a fun, playful tone, this will make the article more engaging and interesting.
  • Keep it simple; use familiar, age appropriate vocabulary.
  • Check out some web pages that are specifically for kids, they will be a great example of how to write in a kid-friendly tone. (The inurl:k12 search command will help you find school pages geared towards kids that can be used as a reference.)
  • Write a catchy first paragraph, kids get bored easily and if they are not engaged in the first paragraph they will not continue reading.
  • Avoid lengthy sentences and wordiness.

Check out this resource for further tips on writing for kids:

If you have any tips that could be helpful in writing for children, please share!

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