UK Websites Redirecting to US

Happy Wednesday!

A lot of you have probably noticed the large amount of children’s clothing content in the writer panel that requires you to optimize the UK version of the provided website. Sounds simple for the most part, except that a lot of people have a hard time keeping the site from switching back to the US version of the site automatically. There are two methods you can try to keep the page from switching to the USA version of the site.

1 – Delete cookies. This isn’t a perfect solution and only works for a little while but it does usually make it so the UK version of the site is viewable for a short amount of time. When this doesn’t work try…

2 – Using a UK proxy. If you don’t know how to find a working proxy, just search for “UK proxy” in Google. Or try Just paste the URL you are going to be working on in the URL field and click “Go”

I hope this helps! As always if you are having trouble or have questions please feel free to send an email!

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