New Writer Panel Feature – Validate Your Links

Hi QualityGal Writers,

We have a cool new feature in the writer panel that will help to ensure that broken and redirected links are kept out of articles. You will notice that when you go to submit an article, before you can click the check box and submit, there is now a button that says “Validate Your Links.” In order to use this new feature:

  • Copy and paste your article into the text box.
  • Click on “Validate Your Links”
  • If any of the links in your article are not working you will receive this message “The article contains the following broken links, please correct them before submitting the article:  URL:”
  • The message will list any broken links that need to be fixed.
  • Once any broken links are fixed, you will be able to submit your article just as before.

This is a great feature that will keep broken links from going through and it also will fix any redirects automatically. We appreciate all of your hard work and the great articles that you all produce. This is just one little tool that will make your articles even higher quality. Thanks for all you do QG writers!

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One comment on “New Writer Panel Feature – Validate Your Links
  1. Winona says:

    Wow, love this helping hand. This is a great idea. 3 cheers for Quality Gal!