Big news!!

Happy Monday!

I have some news I’m certain you will all be excited about.

::: drumroll please :::

Tired of endlessly trying to find .edu/.gov/etc links?

We are easing up (a bit!) on our link policy.  Because we understand some topics are hard to find authoritative links for, we are more open to accepting .com links.  However, .edu/.gov links are still the gold standard, and are always preferred.  But if you can’t find that elusive .edu link, you can now include a .com with confidence!

But not all .coms are created equal!  There’s a difference between a valuable .com site, and a MFA (made for advertising/AdSense) site.  A few Google ads is acceptable, but a page covered in mostly ads with pop-ups that looks like it was created to host advertising isn’t.  Catch my drift?

If you come across any links in your research that you feel iffy about, feel free to email Christine and I and we’ll happily point you in the right direction.  Thanks!!

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