Why was I deactivated?

Happy Friday!!

A few of you might sign into the Panel soon and be surprised to see you’ve been deactivated. Due to an increasing number of assignments that require us to reveal the client to you, I need every writer who views the Panel to have signed off on the Non-Compete. Thus, all the writers who have not have been deactivated.

This in no way reflects on your performance at QG, it is merely a legal technicality. If you have been deactivated and would like to become active again, just send me a signed Non-Compete and you will immediately be reactivated back into good standing.

And, just for a heads up, in January we will be needing a new, signed W9 from all of our active writers. When that date gets closer I will give you a deadline, but keep in in the back of your minds!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Any questions, please contact Christine or I. Thanks!

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