Pay Rate Changes, Effective 1/1

Any assignments handed out after 1/1 will be paid at new, higher rates. Existing assignments handed in after 1/1 will still be paid at the old rates.

Editing (per article) – $2
General articles (about 300 words) – $8
Researched and referenced articles (about 500 words) – $12
Blog posts – $20
Newsletter articles – $25
Linkbait articles – $50
Press Releases – $50

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3 comments on “Pay Rate Changes, Effective 1/1
  1. Stevee says:

    Well this certainly is a bit of good news in an otherwise dismal time for many people. Thank you guys so much for all you do for us!

  2. Diane says:

    Awesome! Hey, I changed my mind….I can write more than 2 blog posts for you each week. Ha! Currently I make $50/month blogging about once a day. I would definitely make room for a more lucrative blogging opportunity.

  3. Michelle says:

    Yay! That’s great news! Thank you, QG & WBP!

    And I’m with Diane. I’m pretty sure I could take on some linkbait projects! 🙂