QualityGal Needs Freelance Writers – Start 2012 Off with a Bang!

Good Afternoon Writers,

QualityGal is excited to start 2012 off with a bang!

We continue to offer writers the opportunity to work as freelancers and have several projects in the pipelines to keep everyone busy!

We are looking to add more quality writers to our team and encourage everyone, both veteran and new writers, to share their experiences with QualityGal with other potential QG writers.

Writers interested in joining the QualityGal team should register with the QualityGal Writer Panel complete the QualityGal Writer Application. The QualityGal Staff is available Monday through Friday to answer any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


The QG Staff

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14 comments on “QualityGal Needs Freelance Writers – Start 2012 Off with a Bang!
  1. Susie Klein says:

    Do you have article samples so that I can see what kind of articles Quality Gal wants? I am very interested in signing up but do not know if this is something I can do until I see what you are needing.
    Thank you,
    Susie Klein
    [email protected]

  2. QualityGal says:

    Good Morning Susie, we do not offer sample articles. However, once a writer provides their completed writer application and registers an account with the QualityGal writer panel, they are provided with a test assignment and samples of our article styles.

  3. Kelly says:

    Hi, after submission of paper work after how long do you get back to someone to have the test? Thank you…

  4. QualityGal says:

    Hi Kelly, thank you for your interest in writing for QualityGal. Test assignments once the become available. The QualityGal staff will send an email once a test assignment has been issued, after which you will have two days to complete and submit the content. If you have any questions regarding the QualityGal writer application process, please contact [email protected].

  5. SAMINA HAQUE says:

    Do you have any vacancies for writers now?

  6. Katie says:

    Yes we are accepting writers!

  7. Emily says:

    Hi! I’ve got a quick question. I’m a US citizen & resident but am currently wrapping up an abroad experience (I’m due to arrive back in a few months). This means I don’t have a working US phone number at the moment. Is it still possible for me to apply to be a writer? Thank you!

  8. Mindy says:

    Hi Emily! As long as you have a US ID and address and can complete a W-9 you are still welcome to apply! Thanks!

  9. Tink says:

    Are you hiring writers now?

  10. Mindy says:

    Hello Tink. We are currently hiring writers. If interested please complete the application and accompanying paperwork found here: http://www.qualitygal.com/writer-application Thanks!

  11. Rosemary Charlton says:

    Good Day.

    I am assuming that only US residents can write for you? I live in Ontario, Canada and would love to write for you. Please advise if this is only available for US Residents.


  12. Mindy says:

    Hello Rose, thank you for your interest in writing for QualityGal. Unfortunately as is stated on the Become a Writer page, only US citizens can apply to write for QualityGal.

  13. Angela Roe says:

    Good afternoon,

    Would you please let me know if you’re currently looking for writers?

    Thank you,
    Angela Roe

  14. Katie says:

    Hi Angela,
    We are always accepting writer applications. You can apply here: http://www.qualitygal.com/writer-application