Three Week Old Onions!

Good Afternoon everyone!

Way back when, I was taking suggestions for April Fool’s pranks for Christine and I to play on Francus. Well we got something even better! Because the week of April 1st was absolutely crazy in the office, we decided to postpone any April Fool’s pranks. But before we made our truce, he decided it would be funny to put raw onions in my desk one night after I left the office. They were found the next day and it was horrible! So, Christine and I hid the smelly onions in Francus’ shoes under his desk. Today, Francus found his shoes, lol! Three week old raw onions! Lol, this has made up for postponing our April Fool’s fun!

To those who contributed to the April Fool’s Brainstorm, you’re ideas won’t go to waste; we have rescheduled April Fool’s Day for May 1st.
Thank you for all of your ideas, both devious or otherwise!

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3 comments on “Three Week Old Onions!
  1. January says:

    Now that is just rotten! ( has been one of those days)

  2. Rhyah says:

    Onions are supposed to naturally absorb viruses that causes illness, so everyone in the office should be in top health right now.

  3. QualityGal says:

    LOL, and this whole time Francus thought we were just being mean! We were trying to make sure he didn’t get sick, we are so thoughtful! 🙂