Juggling Hot Potatoes (or.. keeping articles from dropping!)

If you have been writing for QualityGal for a while you have most likely seen a decent variety of projects come through. One day you may be writing about kittens and the next you could be detailing what happens when atoms have their oxidation state changed by reduction. We’re thrilled to be able to offer you such a variety, but, we know that sometimes the projects we post can be challenging. We also know that when a project ends up being more difficult than you initially anticipated, that “drop article” button starts looking really tempting. As tempting as it may be, I’m begging you, please don’t just release the project without exploring all of your options. Just like other jobs, work from home jobs with QualityGal are still jobs with deadlines, and we expect you to adhere to those deadlines to remain in good standing with our company.

Why Articles Drop

There are several reasons people drop articles. I’ve outlined seven below.

1)      Wasn’t submitted by 3pm on due date

All QG projects are assigned a specific date by which a writer must submit it into editing. If that project does not make it into editing by 3pm EST on the due date (if you aren’t sure how that translates to your time zone take a look at the World Clock) the system will automatically remove it from the writer’s account and place it back in the claimable article pool.

Fix – When claiming articles note the date the article is due. Write it on a work calendar so you don’t forget. And watch that clock!

2)      It took longer for the links to validate than expected

As you can imagine, around 3pm each day there is a spike in traffic to the Writer Panel. Writers are scrambling to submit their projects in time so they don’t lose the work they have done. Because of this, however, it may take a tiny bit longer for the writer panel to take your submission and send it through. You don’t want your project to drop from your account while your links are still validating.

Fix – Don’t wait until 2:55 to submit. Hit that “send” button at least 20 minutes early just in case.

3)      The article was sent back for revisions but I didn’t notice until it was too late

QualityGal does not guarantee articles will be sent back for revisions and most of the time projects won’t be. As a rule you have one try to get the article right so make sure you are following all directions from the specific project as well as following all general QG guidelines. Should a project be sent back to you it will appear under the “Your Returned Projects” section of the Your Account page in the writer panel. If you see a project appear make sure you take note of the new due date and review all notes that were left by the editor.  If you have questions or need help, email [email protected] with your questions and someone will assist you.

Fix – Log into your Writer Panel account regularly to make sure all projects you submit are accepted.

4)      A personal, health, or family situation came up

QualityGal understands that sometimes life throws you an unavoidable curve ball. If a personal problem presents itself and this is going to prevent you for completing your project, QualityGal certainly understands. Ask yourself a few questions before dropping the project though. First, think about how long this problem is going to be preventing you from working. If it is only for that day, I would encourage you to reach out and see if an extension is possible. Sending an email to us asking for a one day extension is better than dropping a project if it is possible. If not, and the situation will persist longer than a day, feel free to drop the article at your earliest convenience so another writer can submit it by its due date. Just make sure you leave a note in the drop box stating your reason for dropping the project.

Fix – If you think a one day extension will be enough time for the situation to work itself out, please send an email and we will see what we can do to help you.

5)      Can’t find enough authoritative links

As is stated in the Writer Resources, this is not an acceptable reason for dropping an article. We understand that sometimes finding enough links on more difficult subjects can be a challenge, if not impossible, but if you do not first email for assistance before dropping the project this drop will count against you. As you know, multiple drops can result in your account being placed on probation if the reasons for the drops are not acceptable.

Fix – If you can’t find enough links, please send an email. We have no problem taking a look at the project instructions and the link requirements and offering assistance. If we agree that the links are not available we may be able to contact the client and ask about lowering the link requirements for that particular project.

6)      Not enough time

This is absolutely not an acceptable drop reason. Most of the time if a writer thinks they won’t have enough time to complete a project, if they email [email protected] on the project due date prior to 1pm EST asking for an extension it will be granted.  Extensions are not guaranteed, however, if you don’t ask you won’t know and the drop will be held against you.

Fix – Always email for an extension on the day the project is due if you won’t have enough time to complete it.

7)      Don’t understand instructions / Instructions are confusing

Sometimes clients write instructions that are a little hard to follow, misleading, or even contradictory. If you come across something like this please email us bringing this to our attention. We can reach out to the client for you and provide you with clarified instructions. Please do NOT drop for this reason.

Fix – Email us and we can clarify the instructions for you.

What Happens When Articles Drop

Just like in any business, freelance writing jobs with QualityGal have deadlines. QG expects all writers to complete projects by the listed deadline to the best of their ability. We understand that things do come up, but if an article is due to the client by a certain date, and you end up dropping the project instead of submitting it, this may mean we need to scramble to get the project completed and to the client  in time. In order to continue to post claimable projects, we need to keep getting orders from our clients. To keep getting orders, we need to prove that we can get the work done well and on time. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in the QG offices and a lot of what we do here depends on getting quality work from you, the writer, in a timely fashion.

If you end up dropping more than 10% of the articles you claim you run the risk of having your claimable project limit lowered. When all writers start with us they have a claimable project limit of five. If you drop a lot of articles, your limit will be lowered and you will be placed on probation. If you still continue to drop articles, your account will be deactivated and you will be unable to claim future work.

I hope this blog helps you understand the importance of getting articles in on time, and offers some ideas so you don’t have to drop them. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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2 comments on “Juggling Hot Potatoes (or.. keeping articles from dropping!)
  1. Thanks for the information on dropped articles. I have a question. I always try to meet my deadline ahead of time. But, sometimes, like my last article, it sat in my queue a few days after I submitted it and after the submission deadline. When this happens, is this a mark against this the freelance writer? Thanks for the reply.

  2. Mindy says:

    Hi Winona! When an article sits in editing a couple days that is not at all because you did anything wrong. Some projects, depending on the client, take a little longer to work their way through the editing process and I have a feeling that is the reason your article may have been waiting a couple days before being graded.