Spring 2010 Writer Survey

Happy Monday Writers, I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed some sunshine.

I went kayaking on Saturday which was very relaxing. A tip to beginning kayakers  everywhere, and other water-activity lovers: leave your phone at home! I returned back to dry land with a semi-functioning PDA because I insisted on bringing my phone in the kayak, not a good idea in retrospect. Between the waves made by huge speedboats on the lake and paddling the kayak, me and the phone were sopping wet by the end of the adventure. With the help of a hairdryer, we both survived to text, tweet, and talk another day!

I had an epiphany over the weekend, I keep nudging everyone to give feedback about QG, because if nobody says anything, we have no way of improving. But then it dawned on me that not everyone would be comfortable leaving feedback in an email or a comment, because then the writer would have to be named. Well, we got a bit creative and came up with a new solution.

Working with a third party service, QualityGal has created a writer feedback survey. This survey is totally anonymous, giving everyone the freedom to provide feedback, positive, negative, or indifferent without giving a name. We hope that by making the survey completely confidential, writers will be more inclined to give their feedback.

Writer feedback is something that QualityGal, and myself take very seriously. We want to do our best to create a community of productive writers that are comfortable with their work environment and understand that without them, there is no QualityGal. Please take a few minutes to complete this 9 questions survey.

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