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Welcome Matt – Our Writer Panel Programmer

Good Afternoon Team & Happy New Year! Yes, it is official, let’s give a warm welcome to our Programmer – Matt. He has been working diligently with us for awhile now and doing an extraordinary job. As always I appreciate

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Want Email Notifications When New Articles Are Posted?

Good Afternoon Team: Hope everyone’s holiday was wonderful. I know many of you have signed up for this previously, but I want to be sure no one was missed. Please send me a confirmation email letting me know you would

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New Article Release Time – 3:00 PM (EST)

Hello Team: Effective 12/24/09 there will be a new article release time — 3:00 PM (EST). This time will be more in line with regular business hours and will help immensely should a writer need an extension. Thank you and

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Writer Panel Enhancement

Good Afternoon Team: We have added a new enhancement to the WP. A notes field has been added for you to send comments to the editorial staff. Great suggestion from Cheryl! Thank you.

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New Improvements

Good Afternoon Team: Thank you as always for your suggestions, comments and improvements: I always appreciate them. Here is the latest and greatest addition–You will now see a priority level on articles: High – Needs to be done in 2

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