Sunny Skies at QualityGal

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s been a while since we posted; QG has been hopping lately. We were able to pull off our annual April Fools prank on our good friend Francus; we switched the period and comma keys on his keyboard and the ‘insert’ and ‘delete’ keys. It was hilarious! Francus thought that his screen was dirty and tried to wipe the dust off of the period/comma before getting our IT guy, Matt, to fix it. Lol, so much fun!

Wrapping up another good week here at QG, we have a great forecast for the upcoming week. We expect sunny skies and a Writer Panel full of claimable projects! Woo Hoo! This is a great time to jump in and claim your share of available projects.

A big thank you to all of our outstanding writers, you guys rock!

Have a great weekend.

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