A note about “Urgent” articles

Since we added the “Urgent” article status, a lot of you have really gone above and beyond to make sure those assignments are completed on time. You have no idea how much Christine and I (and the clients!) appreciate your dedication.
But (and there’s always a but), some people have been releasing “Urgent” articles. This is wholly unacceptable; “Urgent” articles are marked so because they are extremely critical for the client. I cannot emphasize enough how important these articles are.
Starting tonight, any writer who releases “Urgent” articles will be immediately placed on probation. If you must release an “Urgent” article for any reason, please send me an email and let me know why. We understand that emergencies or unforeseen circumstances can suddenly come up, but we need everyone on the team to also understand that these articles are an extremely high priority.
Please email me with any questions. Thank you so much for your understanding and continued dedication to excellence.

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